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"I was within and without. Simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life."

F. Scott Fitzgerald (via blcknirvaniczoul)


photos by mohammad reza domiri ganji in iran of: (1) the dome of the seyyed mosque in isfahan; (2,8) the nasīr al mulk mosque, or pink mosque, in shiraz; (3,4) the vakil mosque in shiraz; (5) the ceiling of the fifth floor of ali qapu in isfahan; (6,10) the vakil bathhouse in shiraz; (7) the imam mosque in isfahan; (9) the jame mosque of yazd

"I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then."

 Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass  (via larmoyante)


Leonid Afremov is a passionate painter from Mexico who paints with palette knife with oil on canvas. He loves to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in his paintings, which are rich in different moods, colors and emotions.



´ ▽ ` )ノ Desert rain frogs are hilarious and they look like mochi ice cream.

#now it is a dessert rain frog

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